A-Rod won the 2003 MVP award on steroids

Alex Rodriguez was named the MVP of major league baseball in 2003 after winning his third consecutive American League home run title with 47.

He was apparently on steroids when he did it. Four sources have independently told Sports Illustrated that Rodriguez tested positive for two steroids in 2003 – the last year in which Major League Baseball claimed that steroids were a banned substance, but offered no penalty whatsoever for testing positive.

Isn’t it about time to just say, “Fine, everybody did it,” officially dub the entire 1990s and early 2000s The Steroid Era, and just quit worrying about this? I guarantee there won’t be a similar witch hunt over A-Rod to match the one being unleashed on Barry Bonds — you won’t hear a clamoring of baseball writers wanting A-Rod’s MVP season asterisked or vacated the way you hear some people say Bonds should lose his home run record.

Punish everybody, or punish nobody — but either way, just move on.

A-Rod wins ’03 MVP award on steroids – Sports Illustrated

As a comical footnote to this story, ESPN — the self-proclaimed “World Wide Leader” — has apparently been scooped *hard* on this story. It’s currently the lead feature story at Sports Illustrated and at CNN.com, and as of 9:45 a.m. there’s no mention of it whatsoever at ESPN.com. Awesome.

Andy Bartlett

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