Tapping the Vein, two weeks early

Earlier this afternoon, I received an e-mail from an indy record store in Philadelphia called IsoTank (visit them here) letting me know that the new CD “Another Day Down” by Tapping the Vein was in stock and ready to ship.

The cool thing about this? The release date for “Another Day Down” was supposed to be March 10 – hopefully IsoTank, from which I’ve purchased each of the other three TTV CDs I own, really did get it early, because the last CD from this band came out in the distant past of 2002. I’ve been waiting for new stuff from them for a long time.

While I patiently camp my mailbox waiting for this CD to arrive; it would be a pleasant surprise to have it show up earlier than I had been planning.

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard of Tapping the Vein, you can check out some of their music – including a couple of tracks from “Another Day Down” – on their MySpace page.

Andy Bartlett

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2 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    I got Another day Down in the mail today, It was freaking AMAZING. Tapping the Vein deserves SOOOO much more recognition that they get. It was a very long horrible wait, but it was totally worth it for this cd.

  2. Andy Bartlett says:

    Yeah, i thought it was really good too; little bit different sound than their previous stuff; less gruff, etc., but I like how they still have that sense of listening to what sounds like a perfectly nice song, and then you pay attention to the lyrics and have that “holy crap” moment when you realize the twisted stuff she’s singing about. 🙂 Good stuff; agree that it was worth the wait, but hope they don’t take this long again.

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