B-25 Mitchells in Kansas City, 1942

A few months back, I ran across this awesome web site called Shorpy; it bills itself as the “100-year-old photo blog” and it posts nothing but old pictures; most of them are from the early 1900s and the vast majority of them are in black and white.

However, occasionally there’s a color picture; like this amazing shot from 1942 of a great many B-25 Mitchell bombers fresh off the assembly lines in Kansas City, Kan. I built several models of B-25s with my dad when I was younger; I never thought it was quite as cool as the B-24 Liberator and wasn’t even in the same ballpark as the B-17, but I still have plenty of fond memories of plastic reproductions of the B-25.

I love seeing pictures like this, connecting something real with memories from 30 years ago based entirely on small plastic facsimiles and spending time with my dad.

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Andy Bartlett

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