I love you, Google Reader

So, I’ve often wondered if there was a way for me to keep the same sort of RSS feed list on my laptop that I have on my work iMac without phsycially subscribing to all the feeds in both places. I don’t have a huge list of subscriptions – 65 or so is all – but the thought of entering them by hand into multiple readers, or adding one in one place and forgetting to do so in another, bugged me. So I didn’t mess with it.

For some reason, just today I discovered that you can use Google Reader as a syncing hub. I opened NetNewsWire on my iMac (which I like a lot), tied it in with my Google account, and it sent Google Reader a complete list of my subscriptions with feed categories intact and everything. So now I just need to open NetNewsWire on my laptop and tie it to my Google account as well and I’ll be in business.

I should’ve known it’d be that easy. I just never bothered to look that deep into the preferences.

Happy day.

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