Late-January update

No “2,000 words or less” so far this month; I just haven’t felt like saying much. Blah.

This is awesome; it’s an extended version of Jason Segel’s “Dracula’s Lament” song from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” a movie combining the awesomeness of vampire musicals with the hotness of Mila Kunis. It’s really one of the great movies of all time.

I had a dream last night about Katy Perry. Not that kind of dream (although that would’ve been killer). I was in some stupid, dingy diner with my family, and she was in there taking a break from a video shoot trying to eat some food on the down-low before she resumed shooting. She was there with her agent or something (no Russell Brand; sorry, ladies). These two girls went up to her and tried to get her autograph, and she was mean and blew them off, and they left the diner crying. Katy finished up her food and got up to leave with her agent, and she was a giant – taller than me by about six inches, which would’ve put her in the 6’6″ neighborhood. The last thing I remember of the dream was getting out my cell phone – which was this piece of shit old phone I used to have at work – and sending the following text to my friend Chad Waller: “Just saw Katy Perry in diner; she’s enormous and a total bitch.”

No idea what that was all about.

Today has absolutely sucked. I missed yesterday at work, home with a sick Helen, and this morning of catchup has been an exercise in brutality. The “Sense of Purpose” CD by In Flames has been about the only thing that’s helped me power through it. Check out In Flames rocking the amazing song “Disconnected,” off  this CD, in Argentina. This absolutely rocks. \m/

I deleted 51 spam comments out of my spam filter before posting this. Fifty one. Spam attempts now outnumber legitimate comments on this blog by a total of 873-26. It makes me want to shut this thing down; it takes no effort to delete a spam comment, but it bums me out that I have to do it all the time. What’s to be gained? You’d think after awhile these idiots would realize none of their crap is showing up on the blog and they’d stop spamming me. It’s relentless.

That Lego Gaga was super-fun to draw, but it made me realize how much work I have to do with the colored pencils before those will be worth a damn. I’ll have to do more of those, and soon. Also have another sizeable project that I probably should start on if I ever want to have it finished… That one’s a secret.

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