Lego Gaga

Even though I have yet to finish the previous two projects I have started – the chair restoration and my Coraline popup – and have yet to begin a third project that I now know I want to do (but as yet remains a carefully-guarded secret), I’m going to begin a new one.

Yesterday morning, a bizarre idea popped into my head. That idea – Lego Gaga. I want to make a bunch of drawings of Lego minifigs decked out to look like the various and often bizarre iterations of Lady Gaga that appear in her videos. I originally considered doing a composition of minifigs posed as similarly as I could get them to various video stills and pictures, but that

This morning, I began considering doing either large, single portraits of straight-angle minifigs (something that would allow for the creation of a stencil to draw the base minifig and *dramatically* accelerate the process), or a grid-arranged group of smaller portraits that could serve as a “cast of characters” of sorts for a particular video.

Right now I really love the idea of larger, non-posed individual portraits. It would be a good experience to design and create the stencil for the base minifig, and having a simpler, consistent base means I could put more effort into the costumes and decoration.

And, honestly, my drawing skills have atrophied to the point that I’m not sure how well the montage of posed shots would turn out anyway. I did a couple of quick sketches last night of posed minifigs in outfits from the “Bad Romance” video, and while I think that down the road that sort of project would be fun to tackle at this point doing the stenciled base minifigs seems to be a more approachable, and more completeable, project.

I bought some blank stencil material at Walmart over lunch today; I’ll start working on the stencil tonight. I’ll also try to scan and post the two sketches I did last night. There’s nothing to them, but they give an indication of how much fun this project could turn out to be.

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