Something was weird here this week

If you’re one of the one person who visits this site regularly, you may have noticed that the blog was temporarily hidden. As I write this, I’ve just finished the process of hiding the blog behind a splash page for Emporia State University.

Why is this? I am interviewing for a job there as director of alumni communications on Wednesday (which, if you’re seeing this, means I’ve put the blog back up and “Wednesday” was actually at some point in the relatively recent past). I wanted to make it easy for people on the screening committee down there to access and download a PDF copy of the notes I prepared for my presentation on their alumni magazine, “Spotlight.” At the same time, I didn’t think they needed to be distracted by things like Gundam Bad-Assery or my “Avatar” review.

I should probably consider splitting off my and domains; that’d come in handy for this – leave the blog up at dot net, and put the splash download up at dot com.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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