2,000 words or less: Bah.

Recently, Melissa signed Helen up for soccer. Over the last few days, thanks to the miracle of Target clearances, we’ve kitted Helen out in full-on World Cup gear — cool little silver and black cleats; matching socks and shorts; black knee-high socks; a size three ball; the works.

Tonight, she got decked out in all her gear for the first time and we went outside to kick the ball around a bit. We goofed around for about a half hour, and at the end we even worked on headers for a couple of minutes. It was great.

It was also terribly sad.

Helen’s five years and two months old. Megan was five years and one month old when I gave her a hug in my driveway and watched her move to Grand Forks.

I never got to play soccer with Megan.

I miss Megan. And I miss all the things that I have missed since she’s been gone. Her moving back up here for the summer can’t come quickly enough.

One Thought on “2,000 words or less: Bah.

  1. So this won’t make much of a difference to your state of mind, but I know that you make being a dad a priority. You do what you can. And you’re raising kick-ass girls. Treasure every experience!

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