Notebook nerd freakout

So, I had a slight panic attack at Target tonight when I realized they are no longer stocking Miquel Rius notebooks. As late as last week, they stocked them in three sizes; four- and six- subject A4 size, and four-subject A5 size.

You know how you can just tell the difference between writing on a piece-of-garbage ten-cent Mead notebook and really nice paper? Well, Miquel Rius notebooks are really nice paper. These notebooks plus Sharpie pens equals Absolute Writing Bliss.

I own three of them; a four-subject A5 that’s basically full from notetaking at the insane number of meetings I have to attend at work, an A5 that’s still basically empty, and a four-subject A4 that I bought just because I loved the A5 I was taking meeting notes in so much, and for basically no other reason. It’s still empty.

And now they’re gone. Dammit. Small towns are awesome. I guess I’ll have to start hunting them down on the Internet, like everything else worthwhile.

However, one bright point to the removal of my beloved Miquel Rius notebooks from Target – in their place tonight were Rhodia 80-page reverse books and No. 12-ish pads. They were both of the graph-paper variety, which will be fun but not quite the same as the Miquel Rius books. I’ll be interested to try one out.

Notebooks are fun…

Andy Bartlett

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2 Responses

  1. Kimberly says:

    I just bought a ton of these myself at my local Target. If you need any, let me know!

    How does your hand not hurt when writing with a Sharpie? Are you using the regular fatty ones? Or the super-fine tip ones? I adore the Liquid Expresso pens by Papermate. You need to get them in your life.

  2. Nice! I’ll definitely let you know if I need a notebook fix. I found some MiquelRius books at a T.J. Maxx once, as well; my second A4 book I got on clearance there for something like four bucks. I’ll definitely keep an eye open for them there as well when we make our Minneapolis trips this summer.

    Sharpie’s got a line of medium-point pens in four colors; they’re pretty nice, and you can get them at Target, Walmart, etc. for about $6-7 for a four-pack. Target even had a 12-pack of black pens in their “super-cheap bulk stuff” section before Christmas for about $11; I almost bought it just because it was such an insane deal, and not because I actually needed that many pens. Anyway, they’re great, and work really well on the MiquelRius paper.

    I haven’t used a Liquid Expresso pen; I’ll take a look at them next time I’m out shopping.

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