So, I’ve been busy

Hey, no updates since March 15; that’s about right, with the way my life’s been going lately. Things have been insane, to say the least.

To recap:

March 9-11, I took a trip to Emporia, Kansas, for a job interview. I mentioned that already. I haven’t mentioned that I thought the interview went exceptionally well; it did. Last Thursday, I got a call and was offered the position. It was an exceptionally difficult decision, but I declined the offer. The salary was OK, but represented about a 15 percent cut from what I earn at Bemidji State, and that coupled with the fact that we’d have to find Melissa a job down there almost immediately in order to stay afloat made the move seem like too great a risk at this point in our lives. I had a great experience on the interview, though, and hope the person they eventually hired turns out to be good for them.

March 13-19, my parents and Megan were in town. Megan was on spring break, and my parents brought her up for a visit. It was great having everyone around; I don’t get to see my parents often enough, and this visit was the first time I’d seen Megan since she was up in November. She won’t be back until June. Six-and-a-half days with my daughter between November and June sucks. 🙁

March 18, Camille James Bartlett was born. I put a couple of pictures up on Facebook, and Melissa has posted a ton more if you’re interested. I haven’t put anything up anywhere else yet; I’ll get to that.

March 22-26 I was off work to be home with Mel and the new baby. I was back in the office afternoons on Thursday and Friday of that week.

This week at work has been crazy as I’ve tried to catch up. Four days in and I’m not even close. Among other things, I got notice late last week that my purchasing card had been suspended because I forgot to turn in some paperwork in the midst of all the new-baby chaos. It just hasn’t been a good week. Busy and, ultimately, productive, but entirely too stressful.

I got the issues with my new MacBook Pro resolved; it’s a fantastic machine. Whatever our IT people added to it makes getting the computer to do anything after I input my admin password slow as cold molasses (45 seconds of spinning beach ball on my last use of an admin password, and the machine took, literally, 30 minutes to go through its restart sequence after installing the MacOS 10.6.3 update today).

I’ve added a “now reading” box over there in the right sidebar. If my previous track record is any indication, you’ll be seeing that book cover in that spot until about 2018. But among my other “trying to do more” items on my agenda now, reading is one of them. Maybe having that box will be a motivator.

For the last week, I’ve been playing “F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin” on my Playstation 3 almost religiously. Any time I get a free half hour when nobody else is around (the game is insanely bloody and is genuinely scary, so I don’t play it when Helen’s anywhere near awake), I pick it up and push through a couple of autosave points. I finished the ninth of 14 chapters in the game last night; it’s been a long time since I’ve been so completely engrossed in and into playing a game like this. It’s been super fun.

My friend Joel picked me up a Masterpiece Skywarp on clearance at his local Walmart in Florida for nine bucks. He is awesome. He’ll be more awesome when he actually mails it to me.

I’ve started getting interested in comic books again. I picked up a lot of the first five issues of IDW’s G.I. Joe series on eBay for ridiculously cheap,  found a couple of two-dollar trade paperbacks on eBay of another old favorite, Alien Legion, and I picked up the first volume of the All-Star Batman and Robin series written by Frank Miller and drawn by Jim Lee, who’s an absolute freaking genius. Reading comics makes me want to draw, and I really need to force myself to draw something every day. I’ve failed miserably in my attempts to do that so far.

I took the plunge and bought a G.I. Joe figure that isn’t available in the United States from some guy in China. For $13, shipping included, I bought a Desert Battle Ripcord. This figure, which has pretty amazing high-tech paratrooper equipment complete with spring-loaded wings that are straight out of Metal Gear Solid 4, was originally scheduled for release early this year but ended up being canceled altogether when Hasbro pushed back the entirety of this year’s new G.I. Joe toys to the fall. It *might* come out in 2011, but if it does it’ll have a different head. Since this worked out so well, I’m tempted to pick up a couple of other canceled figures from the same seller; it’s fun to have something in my collection that isn’t readily available at Target. Arctic Assault Duke and the Desert Battle Zartan are likely candidates for purchase, as is the canceled Elite Ice Viper.

Millie’s getting baptized this weekend, and a bunch of friends we don’t see very often are coming to town for the occasion. Dinner tomorrow at our house; dinner Saturday night at Mel’s parents’ place; brunch Sunday at Green Mill after the baptism festivities. It would be a bad weekend to start counting calories again.

That’s all. I’ll try to get back into a regular posting habit. If I can force myself to start drawing every day, posting pics of what I drew will be a fun addition to the site, and it’ll be a nice way to force me to come here every day and put something up. All of that would be good.

All for now.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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