Random musings for May 11

Helen started soccer practice last week; she’s got another practice scheduled for tonight, but as it’s done for basically two weeks here, it’s raining today. Mel’s got her first appointment with a personal trainer tonight (she’s been hitting the gym pretty good for two weeks now; I’m proud of her), so I’ll be solo with both kids. Helen could deal with the rain, but that leaves me wondering what to do with Millie. I’ll figure something out.

I’ll see Megan again two weeks from Saturday; she’ll be back up here for about two months before she’s back in Kansas City for cheerleading camp in August. Can’t wait for that. I’ve spent about three days with her since November…

Stood on a scale this morning; it reported back to me “240.3.” I stepped on it three more times; it thrice repeated “240.3.” This is amazing to me. I haven’t done anything; at my physical last year I was at 253. Mel and I are eating out less; I’m making a concious effort to avoid pop. I’m still not exercising (although I’ve worked pretty hard in our basement the last three weekends). This is a good thing. Being 220 or so just in time to need a restock of my fall wardrobe – and with a convenient trip through Minneapolis in August already on the books – a much-smaller me could do some damage in a clothing store or three. Exciting.

I’ve recently seen two movies at the theater and failed to report on both. On Saturday the 1st, I went to an afternoon showing of Kick-Ass, and I caught the midnight premier of Iron Man 2 on May 6/7.

Kick-Ass was really, really good; visually, it’s fantastic, and it has an amazing soundtrack. Hit Girl is the best new character you’ve seen in a movie in a long time, and watching her might be the best time you have at the movies all year. This is definitely a movie I’d watch again, and is one that I’ll consider heavily for a day-one BluRay buy. I just loved it. I’m so tempted to swing by the comic store downtown and pick up the hardcover collection they have of the comic series…

Iron Man 2 was equally great. Far more Iron Man than in the first one; a pretty solid villain with Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash; a really, really good villain in Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer; and more good stuff about SHIELD (I hate Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, though…). The little glimpses at Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer were really fun, as well. I wish the movie would’ve had more War Machine and more of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow kicking ass (her one fight scene in the hallway of Hammer’s factory was super-fun).  Definitely a movie I’ll watch again a few more times.

I had wanted to catch the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake in the theaters, but I don’t think that’s going to happen; I also missed “Hot Tub Time Machine,” which just looked stupid and fun. I want to go see “Macgruber” on the 21st, and I’ll probably have to find a way to get Mel to see “Sex and the City 2: Please Just Kill Me,” although I’m hoping Sarah will take a bullet and go to that with her… After that, movie season is wide open until “The A-Team” on June 11.

I’m going to continue my efforts to draw more often; I’m liking the stuff I’m producing and can see some progress, but I still need a lot more practice in order to get where I think I’m capable of ending up. Just need to carve out the time to do it.

Computer stuff
Shipment of my iPad at work has been delayed until the 17th. Assuming it does actually ship then, it’ll be between five and six weeks from my order until it arrives. I knew I should’ve pre-ordered…

My computer programming efforts have slowed; not due to lack of interest, I was just getting frustrated with some of the roadblocks I encountered and am again considering a course change. I’ve got a couple of books in my Amazon.com cart and probably just need to pull the trigger on them. I’m going to try and get back to work on this in the next few days.

I’ve been playing around with a beta pre-release version of WordPress 3.0; it’s pretty neat. I’m not running this site on it yet, but I’m goofing around with a test installation on a subdomain. Have some ideas for Future Things if I can get the custom post type stuff figured out. I’m on the right track with it; just need to spend a few more minutes figuring out the little details.

I’ve found some awesome deals on trade paperback collections on eBay recently, and have picked up a single issue or three here and there as well, so my slow return to comic book fandom is continuing. I’m having a lot of fun with it so far, and as I expected, seeing the art is making me want to draw more. I’ve also started following a number of writers and artists on Twitter, and have started collecting links to artists on DeviantArt as well.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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    Dude, congrats on getting healthy! Feels pretty kick-ass!

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