Random Musings for May 28, 2010

Just realized I hadn’t managed to post anything so far this week, so I’m fixing that. It’s been a busy week and I just haven’t thought to pop in and post anything. So, in recap fashion:

• Helen’s done with soccer practice
Helen’s final soccer practice was last night; she’d been going Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last four weeks, and we missed two practices because it was pouring rain. Helen had fun with it, but I’m glad it’s over; Mel has been going to the gym, so my evenings were “come home from work, get dinner ready for Helen real quick, get both kids ready to leave, be at soccer practice by 6, get home by 7, eat late dinner with Mel, finally stop for the day around 8.” It was fun, but it got tiring in a hurry.

Still, Helen had fun with it. She had some typical 5-year-old issues with not paying attention and wanting to either do her own thing or join in with other kids who were goofing around, and she really wasn’t all that interested in playing hard or chasing after the ball, but she had fun and got to run around and sweat a little bit – which was really all I was hoping for.

• We started another PS3 game
On the recommendation of a friend, and through the fortuitous timing of the closure of the video store here in town that another of our friends manages, Mel and I have started playing “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” for our PS3.

• Megan arrives tomorrow
Tomorrow I get to make the trip to southern Minnesota to pick up Megan for her all-too-brief summer visit. She’ll be here through the end of July. Unfortunately, due to her little hacker actions on her mom’s iMac, my “welcome to Minnesota” duties will begin by confiscating her iPhone and Macbook for a month. Good times. She’ll survive. 🙂

Going to try and get an early start and do some shopping before I pick her up. Targets: Nordstrom Rack in Maple Grove; TJ Maxx Home Center right off 494; Dick Blick Art Supplies on France; lunch at Taste of India in St. Louis Park. Probably won’t get to do all that. Will buy some groceries at Curry Up! on the way home.

• LOST finale
Because I’m obligated somehow to post an opinion, I really enjoyed the LOST finale. I thought it was a solid conclusion to what was, all in all, a pretty amazing six years of television. No analysis, no hyberbole; just “I really enjoyed it.” That is all.

• iPad
Still isn’t freaking here yet. Ordered on April 14; most-recent estimate says it’s supposed to be here on Thursday. I’m a little miffed that foreign customers are getting them and Apple’s been sitting on my order for seven weeks.

• Fun new arrivals
I got two more G.I. Joe figures from China this week – Desert Battle Zartan and the Arctic Threat Destro. This brings my little sub-collection of cancelled or otherwise preproduction figures imported from China to five, with Arctic Threat Duke still a pending arrival. About the only one of these readily-available pre-production figures I think I’m going to miss out on is the Jungle-Strike Storm Shadow. Now that I’ve had such good experiences with the sellers from China and Singapore who deal in this type of thing, I won’t be so hesitant to jump on something the next time I see it.

Let’s see, what else… Nothing! That’s it. I’ll be in touch.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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