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I had my first assignment today as part of my new for-fun, volunteer gig as a member of the editorial staff at The Terrordrome is a news and review site for everything you can think of surrounding G.I. Joe – toys, games, comic books, the upcoming cartoon, the 2009 film, everything.

My inaugural task? Provide a review of IDW Publishing‘s G.I. Joe #19, on newsstands tomorrow.

You can read the intro post to the review posted by The Terrordrome here, which contains a link to the review.

This was really fun. I haven’t been “involved”  in one of my hobbies like this since I hosted the sortof official Star Wars toy customizing listserv for in the mid-1990s. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to contribute some things; if all that comes of it is comic reviews, I’m fine with that too. It’s nice to get access to the book a day early and not have to drive downtown to get it. 🙂

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