Scouting CL for drafting tables

I found a pretty killer deal on a drafting table, complete with a drawing machine, on CraigsList in Minneapolis; hopefully the person who had it listed will respond to my e-mail (hopefully he’s just out of town for the long weekend). If it’s somehow not still available, there are dozens of alternatives, and more added daily. I’ll find a suitable Plan B, I’m sure.

I want to put something like that in my office upstairs so I can have some space to set up a drawing and not have to put everything away after an hour, like I do when I set up in the dining room.

I wish I had some actual money to spend on this; there are some beautiful vintage hardwood drawing tables available, but I’m hoping to spend like $75 on this and not $350. Someday, maybe, if I actually get good use out of the low end one…

But, as always, once I’ve got the space, I’ll then need to make a concerted effort to actually use it…

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