This Week in Twitter for Sunday, Sept. 5

I’ve come to rather enjoy myself on Twitter; here’s a sampling of some of the best stuff I saw in the last week. I was super-busy at work this week, so I wasn’t able to capture as much good stuff as I wanted to this week. I’ll try to get more in next week; at least MarsEdit didn’t eat the draft this week (well, because I didn’t use MarsEdit).

• Ben Templesmith (@Templesmith)
“Hello LA. You make me sad with all the fake boobs. Wish ladies would have more self esteem & guys would appreciate non cartoony breasts.”
Ben Templesmith is an artist from Australia. He’s a very talented and entertaining guy.

• MC Chris (@_MCChris)
“thanks guys! sucks to be alone on ur birthday n becuse of u guys I’m never alone. and mc lars is here. we’re watching muppets from space:)”
I love this guy’s music, and this guy loves his fans. He’s one of my favorite follows, week in and week out.

• Tim Fitzgerald (@LifeofFitz)
“One of my favorites from the Matt Walters on-air roast: You are to local talk radio what Tiger Woods is to marriage.”

Tim Fitzgerald owns the K-State sports magazine, “Powercat Illustrated.” I worked with him when I was in athletic media relations at Kansas State. Matt Walters was also a friend of mine during my K-State days.

• Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone)
“Working on my 66 nova ss- got it up to 640 horses. it is insane but the power moves a mans soul , like a great woman can.”
Stallone tries to be deep, but mostly comes off as a guy trying to be deep. Still, he’s a fun follow.

Andy Bartlett

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