Post Mortem: Oct. 25, 2010 sketch diary

In an effort to get back on track with my sketch diary and to actually work toward making sure things are consistently improving, I’m going to start doing a series of brief post mortems here after the Tumblr posts go up to recap what went well and what I still need to improve.

• Monday, Oct. 25, 2010
– cake turned out well. I tried to go for quick and cute. Could’ve put more effort into the flowers on the side; I’ll do better there next time.

– I’m reasonably happy with Mel’s hair.

– Melissa still looks exactly like me, with different hair and a bigger mouth. I need to do a bunch of sketchbook work to polish her character design. I’m not remotely happy with it yet.

– as always, proportions are a disaster. Table is about a foot too high, I still can’t draw hands, she’s got a monster neck, etc. Practice, practice, practice.

I found a website last night that has some low-res versions of eBooks that have figure drawing models. The high-res photos would be nice, but I think there’s more than enough in the low-res versions to get me started. I’m just struggling to find a good entry point; drawing skeletal armatures isn’t quite enough — even though I know full well the lack of fundamental skill in areas like that is a huge part of the reason I’m so terrible at this…

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