Haha, I did it

I “successfully” skipped the entire month of December on andybartlett.com! In my defense, two weeks of December were spent on the vacationyest of vacations, lounging about the house with my awesome family and paying little mind to anything on the Internet that wasn’t a Facebook status update — I didn’t even pay attention to Twitter. Previous to that was a sick day for myself, a couple of sick days for Helen, and lots of general pre-holiday busy-ness.

But, today’s the first Monday of the new year! Back to the ol’ grind, right? I’m not sure I will have anything more to say here in 2011 than I did in 2010 — my list of “I wish I could shoe-horn these things into my life” isn’t any different for this year than it was for last. As always, I continue to try to shoehorn them in. I have a Lego Gaga in progress (about three-quarters completed) that I need to finish up and unleash on the world, and my parents hooked me up with an *awesome* Christmas present that will contractually obligate me to put more effort into drawing lots of great stuff (they gave me the 132-count set of Prismacolor colored pencils, which included a sketching accessory kit and a 24-count package of Prismacolor’s art markers in some very cool blue and green tints).

So, mourn not the seemingly-ignored December of 2010. January of 2011 is here. Let the fun commence!

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