IDW Publishing panel at San Diego ComiCon

IDW Publishing held a forum today at ComiCon in San Diego, covering mainly their Transformers, G.I. Joe and Dungeons & Dragons properties. liveblogged the presentation and culled out the G.I. Joe-related information; you can find that here:

There’s another liveblog of the panel up at HISS Tank; they included information on the Transformers and Dungeons & Dragons-related parts of the panel. Visit their coverage here:—idw-hasbro-panel-live-10551

YoJoe’s got more detail on the G.I. Joe-related parts of the panel.

The highlights:
• Javier Saltares’ run on G.I. Joe ends next month; IDW is bringing Will Rosado on board to take over that title in September. Rosado’s no stranger to G.I. Joe; he is credited for pencils on three issues of the original Marvel run, on issues 141, 144 and 153 in 1993-94. You can see Rosado’s online portfolio at

• Alberto Muriel is doing the art for Snake Eyes #5; you can check out Muriel’s online portfolio here.

• Current Cobra Civil War: Cobra story arc will wrap up with issue #4, next month (has been focused on Baroness and Serpentor so far). Cobra issues 5-8 will have a Chameleon story and deal with a Cobra agent inside G.I. Joe (not specified if they mean Breaker, already revealed to be Serpentor’s inside guy, or another agent). Werther Dell’edera will be handling art for issues 5-6; Antonio Fuso already working on issue 7. Werther’s blog is here.

• Cobra Civil War storylines will tie together with a crossover of all three G.I. Joe titles at issue #9 (so, January of 2012); all three books will be written by Chuck Dixon that month with art on all three by Alex Cal. Cal did pencils for the Season One story arc where the Joes sunk Cobra’s super-sub during the operation to recover intel from Cobra’s data relay station on Manatua Island. IDW says “there will be a new Cobra Commander.”

• New story arc starting on Real American Hero series starting with issue #170; Flint/Lady Jaye/Roadblock story with Arashikage ninja fightin’ action.

• In Q&A, IDW said there was a “good chance” of a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover at some point in the future.

• No concrete plans as of yet for how to support 30th anniversary or handle G.I. Joe 2 film; IDW’s preference is for prequel-type stories for films rather than a straight comic adaptation, but realizes importance of straight adaptation of film to provide core for spinoff projects.

Thanks to the live-bloggers out there who covered this panel! Quick access to this information is amazingly appreciated for those of us unable to attend the convention.

I originally published this post on the forums at The Terrordrome; you can see that post here, and hopefully follow along with the people commenting on the post there. 🙂

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