Adventures in grad school

Last week, I got admitted into graduate school at Winona State University. I am going to pursue a master’s degree in educational leadership with an emphasis in sport management. I’ve been thinking about graduate school for a few years now, and some events at work have led me to the conclusion that “sooner” rather than “later” would be a good time to finish.

Things haven’t gone totally smoothly; I sent two emails that went unanswered asking for an adviser (but once I was finally connected with her, things have gone very well), and I learned that only the elective courses for the sport management component of the degree program are available online — the core courses in educational leadership are interactive television delivery and are not online yet. So after talking to my adviser today, I decided to stick with the courses that are online right now and just try to wait it out until they get the core courses available totally online in a year or two (the timing of that would actually be good, but that just means it’s going to take a long time to finish this degree).

And, today was the first day of classes — but I didn’t get any information about how to find or begin the process of taking the two courses I have enrolled in (I’m sure the information is out there somewhere on their website if I’d hunt for it, but nothing has been sent directly to me which seems like an oversight). With that in mind, I decided to send notes to the two instructors of the courses I’m taking, just to say “hi, I’m in your class, I’m excited to get started.” One wrote back, saying hello and that “the course is up on D2L.”

Which is great, but I haven’t yet received login credentials for D2L, or even heard how to get them – in fact, had I not taken the initiative to email the professor, I wouldn’t even know the course was on D2L at all. I was able to research how to acquire D2L credentials, and I’ll be following up on that tomorrow.

I know this entire thing has been a last-minute, thrown-together situation (it was barely a week ago that I was even admitted into the program), but so far it hasn’t been a buttery-smooth experience by any means; it’s been a pretty mixed bag, but with the exception of the one person who I emailed twice and still haven’t heard from, the people I’ve dealt with have been great. I’m hopeful things will continue to improve once I am actually taking the classes.

Ah, back in school. This is going to be very interesting.

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