Insanest of insane garage sales

During our garage sale run this morning, we ran across this place that had boxes of stuff in the driveway. Usually we don’t stop at “dig through boxes” sales, but we did at this one simply because there was so. much. stuff.

Everything in the boxes was a quarter. Or, you could take one of their boxes, empty it and fill it back up with the stuff you wanted – for a dollar. We found:

* seven Playstation 2 games for the basement
* a Dora the Explorer swamp playset that looks like a huge rock T-Rex head that’s going to be the new home for my Dreadnoks
* A huge four-piece foldup black plastic play base for some sort of battle game (Bakugan or something); each of the four pieces is maybe a square foot, so it’ll be a fantastic base for *something* in my toy lair.
* an old Star Wars Comm-Tech chip from the late ’90s, since you can never have too many figure stands
* a loose Star Wars Galactic Heroes X-Wing Pilot helmet
* some random 3 3/4″ scale rubber cowl that’ll look cool on a Zartan figure
* about two big handsful of random Legos
* almost two dozen Peek-a-Blocks for Millie
* a Nintendo 64 cartridge
* a Gameboy cartridge that we’ll give to Megan
* a bunch of shirts for Helen and some jammies for Millie
* a wedding dress to add to Helen’s play clothes wardrobe
* dozens of Polly Pocket outfits and a couple of dolls
* a Barbie Vespa scooter
* random dollhouse parts
* three board books for Millie
* a bunch of other crap I can’t even remember without looking at our loot pile

…all for two bucks. It was ridiculous.

In other news, I figured out what is wrong with our pool pump; the plastic sheath that provides friction between the big magnet on the propeller and the engine disintegrated, so the propeller got stuck inside the motor and all the blades broke off. Today’s mission – see if there’s someplace in town to buy a replacement propeller. It’d be way cheaper than buying a brand new pump. The water is in such great condition, but I can’t get the sludge off the bottom. Stupid, stupid sludge.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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