Iowa Highway Patrol in action

Last week, I was on a rather lengthy road trip to Kansas to visit my parents and brothers. On the way home, I got to see the Iowa Highway Patrol in action.

Somewhere north of Des Moines on Interstate 35, I was driving in the left lane doing about 74 in a 70. There was a vehicle behind me, so I moved over into the right lane so he could get by me. The vehicle, which turned out to be an Iowa Highway Patrol car, scooted past me and quickly accelerated to about 80. Behind him, there was a college-aged girl in a black sedan. She also scooted past me and accelerated to about 80, keeping a steady distance behind the state trooper. I’m not sure if she thought that since the cop was in front of her that she’d be fine, but it didn’t work out that way for her.

After just a minute or two, the state trooper merged into the right lane, and the girl in the sedan slid right in behind him, still matching his speed at about 80. The state trooper pulled over into the median and slowed down, and the second the girl got even with him he hit the lights and pulled her over. I’m not sure if he had the ability to use a radar or laser and check her speed while she was behind him, or if he simply knew he was going 80 and not gaining any separation with her, so she must’ve been speeding. Whatever the reason, he got her.

Did she deserve to get pulled over? Yeah, she did — she was doing 10 over on the Interstate, and all indications were that she was speeding because the cop was in front of her and she thought she was safe. But, man, that was a pretty dirty way for it to happen. Fortunately for her, she was a cute brunette, so that guy probably just let her off with a warning. Yay, justice. But she probably won’t speed behind a cop and think she’s safe again for a good long time, though.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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