It’s been a relaxing weekend at Casa del Bartlett.

Millie’s napping, and Mel just left with Helen for church; Mel’s accompanying today (and her dad is singing), so I’m hanging here with Millie while they go have their fun. We’re going to meet up for lunch later and then Mel’s taking Helen to see “Smurfs” this afternoon. I have every confidence that movie will be horrible, and I’m glad Mel’s soaking up that bullet and not me.

I’ve done a bunch of reading this weekend; I made a dent in my comic book backlog yesterday while I was cleaning my office upstairs and trying to get some things put away. I somehow missed Issue 6 of Johnathan Hickman’s “FF” series, so I have no idea what the heck is going on in that book. I’m enjoying Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev’s “Moon Knight” series quite a bit; I decided to give Bendis another shot as a writer on superhero books after reading and thoroughly loving “Scarlet,” his other recent collaboration with Maleev, even though I bailed on his “Avengers” book after only two issues. The new “Ghost Rider” series is pretty fun; there’s a female rider now, so that’s kindof interesting and different, the writing is pretty good (the dialogue for Johnny Blaze is great), and I love the art. I picked up the first issue of the new “Punisher” series just because I was a big fan of the character in my old comic collecting days, but it didn’t do anything for me — I’m not sure how to be entertained by the Punisher shooting a bunch of bad guys. It just felt like the same story I’d read a million times before.

Comic deja vu hit me with the start of the new X-Men event, “Schism,” as well. Marvel’s doing a stupid renumbering gimmick for “Uncanny X-Men,” canceling the title and relaunching it with a new #1 issue to hammer home the team split that they’re selling with a fight between Wolverine and Cyclops, with the mutants taking sides with one or the other. Thus, “Schism.” But in the first issue, Cyclops goes to the UN to talk about mutant rights, the humans get nervous about having superpowered mutants about and turn Sentinels loose on them to kill them. The X-Men have done that plot starter to absolute death. I didn’t buy the second issue. After I saw where it was going, I’m not even sure how carefully I read the first one.

I’m probably going to quit on IDW’s “Godzilla” series, too; it’s a lot of ridiculous monster-fightin’, which is fun, but it switched artists with the sixth issue and I don’t like the new guy’s stuff at all. Plus, I’m just buying too many books now, and this will be an easy one to cut.

I’ve thrown so much stuff out of my office here, and still have a lot of decisions to make on some things. I have piles of old papers from school, etc., that it seems like I should keep, but having the pile of paper seems ridiculous and the word processor files from WordPerfect or whatever the heck I used to write them 20 years ago (good lord, I’m old) are long gone. I should take them to work and scan them on our copy machine and have PDF copies, and just throw the paper in the garbage. I’ll get around to that at some point, I guess. I’m not sure how much of that stuff is even worth keeping, but I wrote some fun things in college. Maybe I’ll post the PDFs after I get the papers scanned for my stuff from my writing classes; that might be cool.

Date night last night with Mel, which was really fun. Since Bemidji sucks for dining out, we literally picked our restaurant destination by having a conversation about which local establishment hadn’t disappointed us recently. We ended up going to Cattails; my ribs were pretty good, and Mel had walleye that she enjoyed quite a bit after she sent back her quite-overdone shrimp that she just couldn’t eat. So that ended up pretty well. We went to Ruttger’s for a drink afterward and ended up running into some people we hadn’t seen in a long, long time, so that was interesting. In all, it was a fun date.

When we got home she went to bed after maybe 30 minutes, and I stayed up entirely too late catching up on “G.I. Joe: Renegades” off the DVR. That show ended spectacularly; it’s too bad Hasbro decided not to renew it for a second season. That’s definitely something I’ll be buying on DVD or BluRay so I can enjoy it again a few more times; it was a great series, and there still hasn’t really been a satisfying answer given as to why it’s not coming back. Ah, well.

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