My history with Apple

Earlier today, Apple announced its next iPhone, the iPhone 4S. To me, the most significant part of this announcement is that the iPhone is finally coming to Sprint. Melissa and I have been on Sprint for many, many years; and she longer than me. I only had a work-provided cell phone until we added a line to her plan somewhere around 2005. Since 2005, I have had a long list of cell phones that I have absolutely hated, culminating with my current Samsung Intercept. My Intercept is an Android-powered phone, and it often crashes when I try to use the slider to answer a call, or gives me messages like “ phone dialer has unexpectedly quit” or just turns itself off for no reason whatsoever.

So, with today’s announcement of Sprint getting the iPhone 4S – which all but guarantees that Melissa and I will be shedding ourselves of these damnable Intercepts and getting said iPhone 4S at the earliest moment available to us – I thought it might be fun to recap my history with Apple products.

I started using Apple computers at work around 1996; I used a Performa to do page layout for my tennis media guide that year, even though I had a Windows 95 machine on my desk. I finally caved to my boss and replaced my Windows machine with a Mac — a Power Macintosh G3 desktop model running MacOS 8 — in 1997. I also had a Dell Inspiron laptop that I took on the road and used for in-game statistics, which I actually liked quite a bit. I upgraded to a Power Macintosh G4, which I still think had a pretty awesome case, in 1999 when I became the Internet coordinator at K-Sate. I also bought a G4 for the house in 1999, as well, to replace Laurie’s Performa.

I moved to Bemidji to become the head SID at Bemidji State in 2001, and had one of the fantastic new titanium Powerbook G4s waiting for me. I used my first Powerbook G4 for three years and beat the absolute hell out of it, and it just kept right on ticking. I got a new one when our school’s laptop program rolled over in 2003; I had the new one for a year, then passed it down to my assistant and bought a new one for myself when his computer quit in 2004.

Also in 2003, I went insane with a sense of post-divorce euphoria and sprung for a dual-processor PowerMac G5 with the 24″ Cinema Display. I had absolutely no business buying that computer, but I did it anyway. And y’know what? I still have it, and I still use it multiple times weekly (if even only to move files back and forth from it to my laptop). It’s been a fabulous machine.

I got a MacBook Pro through work in 2006 and replaced it a year or two later when I again passed it down to an assistant who needed a new machine and got a new one for myself. I changed jobs and left sports info in 2007, and had an iMac to use on my desk. It was the first time in more than 10 years I didn’t have access to a laptop, and I didn’t much like it. 🙂 I traded my plastic iMac in for one of the beautiful aluminum models in 2009,  but only had that for a year before I moved it to one of our design students and got a MacBook Pro again. I’ve had this computer for two years now, and it’s pretty great. I would imagine I’ve got another year or two on it, and I’ll trade it in for a new MacBook – by that time, I’m hoping they have a 15″ form factor for the MacBook Air.

So, to recap; here’s a timeline of my usage of Macs and other Apple products; in total, since 1996 I’ve had at least 14 Macs that have been “mine” either personally or through work, and I also have an iPod and an iPad; additionally, I’ve bought an iPod and a 14th Mac for Melissa. Beyond that, I’ve probably approved the purchase of several dozen other Apple computers in the last 15 years through work; for example, we have 18 Apple computers in our office and in our Athletic Media Relations office, and I believe I have been involved in the purchase of every one of them — there may be one exception.

• 1996-99: Performa
• 1997-99: Power Macintosh G3
• 1999-2001: Power Macintosh G4 (at work)
• 1999-2002: Power Macintosh G4 (at home)
• 2001-06: three Titanium Powerbook G4s
• 2003-present: Power Macintosh G5 (this beast still sits in my office at home and I use it pretty frequently as a file server)
• 2006-08: two MacBook Pro 15″
• 2008-09: Intel iMac, white plastic case
• 2008: bought Melissa an iPod Touch for our anniversary
• 2009-10: Intel iMac, aluminum case
• 2009: bought Melissa a 15″ MacBook Pro for her birthday
• 2009-present: 2007-model MacBook Pro (Melissa’s hand-me-down)
• 2009-present: MacBook Pro 15″
• 2010-present: iPod Touch 2G
• 2010-present: iPad

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