G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer hits YouTube

The HD trailer for next summer’s “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” hit last night. I’ve watched it about 20 times already and caused Melissa to lament that she had “married a man-child.” So, yes, the trailer is awesome. It has explosions. It has Storm Shadow. It has Rattlers. It has a proper-looking Cobra Commander. And it has Snake Eyes fighting ninjas on the side of a mountain. June, 2012, can’t get here fast enough.

Andy Bartlett

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2 Responses

  1. Chris V says:

    Ooooh… now, I do like what I see here, and I swore I wouldn’t even watch the trailer after the first one disappointed me so much! While I really can’t forgive the movie folks for pairing Scarlett with Ripcord in ROC (Ripcord?!? REALLY?!? I mean, I’m a S/SE girl all the way, but would have preferred DUKE to Ripcord!) I’m kinda hoping that the extermination of most of the Joes in that clip will play off the S/SE from the comics, giving Snake Eyes a focus to his vengeance over and beyond the mission to avenge the other Joes. What can I say – I’m a romantic at heart!

    But… goofy, yes, but true… I have ALWAYS liked the Rock, and will see just about anything with him in it. Bruce Willis, too. So… I guess I’ll be in the theaters this time. They’d better not muck it up a second time!

  2. To me, this trailer indicates the people making this movie “get” G.I. Joe a lot more than the people did who made Rise of Cobra (and I’m one of the people that liked Rise of Cobra — all the pieces were there, in my opinion, it just wasn’t executed properly). The very fact that the first identifiable thing in the trailer is a little squadron of honest-to-goodness Cobra Rattlers shows a level of attention to the G.I. Joe universe that’s been around for 30 years now that just didn’t exist with the previous movie. You see that in the Cobra Commander design (which I *love* in this trailer), in the fact that Cobra’s troops are actual Vipers and not the Rise Neo-Vipers, etc. It looks like G.I. Joe, which is something Rise of Cobra didn’t pull off beyond beyond Snake Eyes and Baroness (and, to a lesser degree, Storm Shadow).

    And, with the plot of this movie, it now makes total sense why Hasbro canceled “G.I. Joe: Renegades” on The Hub (which sucked, because that cartoon was fantastic); this is a very similar basic premise — a small group of renegade Joes working against a well-entrenched Cobra to try and clear its name and prove Cobra’s evil.

    I also like that the trailer shows that Retaliation is playing off of what really was the most awesome thing about Rise of Cobra — replacing the president of the United States with Zartan which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the most awesome Cobra plot ever that doesn’t involve teleportation or carving Cobra Commander’s face on the moon with a huge freakin’ laser.

    The only thing the trailer could’ve used was an appearance by Destro.

    I’m pumped. This is a twice-on-release-day movie for sure — I’ll go at midnight Thursday and again Friday night. 🙂

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