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National Hockey League goaltender Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins is currently making some waves for his decision to ditch out on his team’s visit to the White House to meet the President, a tradition in sports after winning a championship. He released a statement yesterday regarding his decision, and it was posted at

I saw it today; here’s a screen grab from the top of the post:

The sharing numbers are really fascinating. 2,000 “likes” on Facebook, only 350 retweets and only 31 plus-ones for Google+. Thirty one. We have heard quite a bit about how quickly Google+ has grown, but for this particular post its number of engaged users is essentially inconsequential – the Facebook crowd is almost 65 times larger, and even Twitter has outpaced it by a factor of 10. Thirty-one plus-ones.

This is your prototypical “n of one” case, and is by absolutely no means any sort of overall judgement about the engagement levels of the users of these three services. In this particular fringe case, though, the staggering differences between the engagement level of the three on a pretty high-profile story really caught my attention.

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