Something I saw in an email newsletter this morning

I got an email newsletter today from Bob Johnson Consulting that included this:

Hitwise reports that for the week of January 14 Facebook was the most visited social media site, with 63.88% of all visits. And YouTube was firmly in second place with 19.68% of visits. (Well behind but slowly advancing was Twitter at 1.52%).

I wonder if that’s a legitimate measure of Twitter’s traffic? It’d be interesting to know if “visits to the web site” included all hits to Twitter’s API (Twitter underwent an architecture change in 2010, so the API that drives also drives its mobile and desktop apps), or just actual visits to Also, according to Hitwise, they’re only measuring web traffic based on aggregate-report generators being run by ISPs. So any mobile access to Twitter’s API from a cellular network might be getting overlooked, which should be a huge portion of Twitter’s traffic.

Just at face value, Twitter holding only a 1.52 percent of social media traffic share makes no sense.

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