Sunday update

What I’m studying
I’ve spent the last hour and a half or so going through the first four units (out of 12) of an online component for some required supervision training through the MnSCU system office. This is required as part of my “appointment as a new supervisor.” The next unit – on sexual harassment – estimates that it’ll take me two hours to complete this. As if I needed more motivation to get this job permanently, spending all of this time on a mind-numbing online learning module is going to seriously encourage me to make sure all of this hasn’t been for nothing. The devil on my left shoulder tells me “wouldn’t it be hilarious if you spend more than a dozen hours or so doing all of this, then go out of town for the all-day training session on Feb. 10, and then get back to work on the 13th and discover you’re not even a finalist?” 😛 I prefer to think that this will just be the first step in me being able to keep this job forever, though. Be gone, left shoulder devil.

What I’m watching
I took Helen to her first BSU hockey game last night. We had a blast; she even knew she was supposed to boo the Minnesota State players during warmups. She’s got it goin’ on. Unfortunately, BSU lost 5-2 (empty netter at the end made it slightly worse than the score indicated). I haven’t been to a BSU men’s hockey game where they’ve won in years – probably since 2007.

Mel was watching The Tudors when I got home last night; I watched a couple of episodes with her, and we went to bed after Anne Boelyn got her head lopped right off. There are something like 34 episodes, so at the point we’re at this show is barely half over. Sheesh. I just wanna watch Escape from New York.

I am also watching no football (which is exactly like possessing no tea in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). This pre-Super Bowl weekend is always a reminder of the misery that is to come after the game next Sunday when there’s no football until August. At least there’s still a couple of months of college basketball left.

What I’m making
I spent a big chunk of time yesterday making a chip book for my Prismacolor markers in a Field Notes notebook. Here’s what the first page looks like. There is space for 12 colors per page and I did 18 pages; 216 total markers. So during the course of making this book yesterday, I drew something like 612 squares and 420-some lines for marker numbers, color names and the page labels. I totally love doing ridiculous stuff like this. I could’ve made something in InDesign, drawn an element for one color, cut-and-paste copied it a dozen or 16 or 24 times on the page or however many would’ve fit, then printed enough copies to get to 216 colors and had this done in about five minutes, instead of the at least four hours I spent over two sessions with a square template, a ruler, a 9H pencil and two sizes of Prismacolor liner. This way is significantly more awesome. And, as a bonus, I finally used one of my Field Notes books for something. So, y’know, there’s that.

Now that I’m done with this one, I really want one for my Prismacolor pencils now. I have several hundred of those, so it’ll be a significantly larger project than doing the 60-70 colors of markers that I have. But that’d be huge fun too.

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