Happy Saturday!

What I’m Reading
I found the hardcover for IDW’s “G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds” miniseries, written by  Max Brooks, for a buck on Amazon; it showed up mid-week this past week and I finished reading it yesterday. I had forgotten how amazing the Doc story was. The whole thing is very good, really, and even though the G.I. Joe half is overall much stronger than the Cobra half, the Doc story stands above them all.

I’m going to get deluged with new comics on Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week; I’ll have a lot of fun stuff to put under the “what I’m reading” heading then.

What I’m Watching
Mel and I had date night tonight, and we went to see “Cabin in the Woods.”  If you’ve been at all tempted to see it, go. We thought it was absolutely fantastic. It’s a relatively straight-up horror movie wrapped around a very cool background concept, and the third act is an absolute bloodbath. If horror movies are your thing, this one is beyond worth your eight bucks.

Mel and I have been cramming in Season 7 of “Desperate Housewives” this week off Netflix; the Gabby-with-the-doll storyline was bad, and the Mary Alice voiceovers are really grating after awhile, especially when watching multiple episodes in succession. But overall it’s a decent season.

What I’m Writing
I finished the first of  my two final papers for grad school and submitted it today. The second one is due Wednesday; it’s sitting at just over 2,000 words right now and is maybe half done. I’m going to put a bunch of work into it tomorrow and I should get relatively close to having it done. I have to carve out an hour on Monday to take a final, but I’ll have some time Monday and Tuesday to polish it up. I’m not too worried.

Andy Bartlett

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