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This morning on Twitter, I linked up a very interesting pair of stories from our local media outlets covering Friday’s commencement ceremony at Bemidji State. The first was from our local television station; it featured basically no males, other than having some walk through group shots. Both of the interviewed students were female, and the isolation shots of students during the ceremony were predominantly female as well. It really jumped out at me as being an odd way to package that story.

The second was from our local paper; it had a brutal typo in the headline. Instead of walking across the stage on Friday, apparently 950 of our graduates walked across the state. That’d be a good trick.

Other stuff I read
Apparently you cannot play DVD or BluRay movies with the default installation of Windows 8. That’s going to go over well… They seem to be betting heavily on users being savvy enough to download a paid addon to Windows after installation to get them the necessary codecs, and not having those users go immediately into Rage Mode.

Also, Evernote bought Penultimate. I looove Evernote, and while I own Penultimate it’s not something I’ve ever used very much. Due to limitations with mushy-ball styluses I’ve tried, writing by hand on the iPad sucks; you can’t take notes on it during a meeting very well at all, because there’s no accuracy with the pens. Still, this could be a remarkably powerful combination; since I use Evernote all the time anyway, with an acceptable way to write with a stylus on the screen, I could conceivably never use paper at work again.

Finally, a Washington Post blog post claims that the amount of money being spent every year by the military on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan could fund 2/3 of the cost of free college at public universities for every America. It’d be really interesting to fact-check that claim; if it’s true (and it probably is), it’s a pretty damning indicator of where our priorities lie as a nation.

That’s basically all; quick update for tonight.

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