Quick update to close down the night

What I’ve Been Writing
It really just occurred to me yesterday that this could be considered writing… All week, Helen and I have been playing a game before bed — she gives me three random words, and I ad lib a bedtime story featuring those three words. So far, we’ve had tales including Justin Bieber being pummeled with cauliflower for acting like a jerk at a Spaghetti Factory; a brave princess named Helen going on a quest to China to defeat a dragon and obtain the Crown of Flowers… You get the idea. It’s been super, super fun. We have been doing two or three of them a night, and some of the better ones I probably should be writing down when they’re done. The Princess Helen quest to China story ended up being about 15 minutes; the princess had magic weapons named Lilith and Evelynn and wore shiny templar armor, she needed the Crown of Flowers to save her sister Princess Millie from a powerful curse that would turn her into a demon on her third birthday, and when she met the dragon they battled on the beach for five consecutive days without resting, etc. I really went all-out with that one. 🙂 And, really, I start talking as soon as she finishes giving me the three words, maybe taking a few seconds to get a general concept, but then the stories just get made up as I’m telling them.

What I’m Reading
I have been checking out more of DC’s 52 event from a couple of years ago; I found the first trade paperback at a thrift store in town for two dollars a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t just leave it there. I’m maybe 38 issues into the 52-issue event right now; there are maybe five concurrent storylines, none of them seem connected in any way and I have no idea where the overall story is going. Good thing I’m almost done, because I’m running out of patience with this. Things seem to be picking up in the thread involving Lex Luthor, and perhaps in the one featuring Booster Gold (which was one of the key stories in the trade I bought), but otherwise I have no picture of where this is going. I hope it ends strong.

What I’m Studying
Grad school grades for my law & ethics course are in; I got a 95 percent on my final paper and missed a total of six points during the entire semester. Grades aren’t in for the facilities management class yet, but that’s the test I got a 93 percent on the bizarre final for, so I’m mostly waiting for the grade on my final paper. All indications are that I will finish my first year of graduate school with 12 credits of As. I’m now enrolled in two summer-school courses, and will take two courses in the fall and two in the spring and be done and able to put “, MS” after my name on my door sign. Good times.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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