Social Broadcasting

During the day at work, I post random things that enter my head as updated Facebook statuses, and I also update Twitter between one and two dozen times on a typical weekday. I don’t get to this blog nearly as often. Twitter is wide open, but my Facebook posts are almost always limited to friends. Basically, if you were only following this blog you might not think I’m very active — and, in the grand scheme of things compared with people who have several thousand subscribers on Facebook and upwards of 20,000 tweets, I’m not. But, I am more active than this blog might indicate. So I’m going to try a new plugin that will feed updates from here to Facebook. This still won’t catch everything that goes from my phone to Facebook, etc., but it might be a way to bridge some of the gap between content on Facebook and content here.

This new plugin should allow you to use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to log in and comment, if you’re interested in that.

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