Thoughts on Minutemen and Prometheus

What I’m Reading
Behind on comics this week; for the last two weeks really. I’ve got Batman #10, Batgirl #10, Cobra #13, and Silk Spectre #1. I need to get busy and get a review done for Cobra; I’ve been ridiculously bad about finding time to get my reviews written the last couple of weeks.

I had intended to write last week about Minutemen #1, DC’s first shot out of the cannon for its Before Watchmen prequel event, which is about as controversial a thing as there is going in comics right now. Ultimately, there wasn’t much to write about, so I just didn’t; Darwyn Cooke’s art has a retro feel that fits the feel of the series rather perfectly, but the story had no meat to it at all. It was basically a collection of two-page introductions to each of the members of the Minutemen and a brief origin story to explain where their base came from. If you’ve read Watchmen you probably know who these characters are already, and it’s difficult to believe that very many readers of the Before Watchmen event will have not read Watchmen. So beyond the art, this was easy to dismiss. I’m dipping another toe into the Before Watchmen pool with this week’s Silk Spectre launch, mostly because Amanda Conner did the art; after this, there’s a decent chance I’ll just wait for the inevitable omnibus collecting the entire thing in one gimangous hardcover.

What I’m Watching
Melissa and I have been trying to carve out a Date Night to go to the movies for just about a week now, and tonight we finally made it. We hit up Prometheus, and somehow Melissa had no clue going in what the movie was even about. So that was kindof awesome. I, on the other hand, have known full well what it was for many months, and have been excited about seeing it for quite awhile. It didn’t remotely disappoint.

I loved about every second of this movie. It’s not perfect — there’s one action scene in particular that makes absolutely not one shred of sense — but it’s damn, damn good. Michael Fassbender’s “Evil Data” resident cyborg was fantastic; he had a key role in the majority of the movie’s major scenes and he was great throughout. There were a few grossout scenes that were amazing and impossible to look away from. And it fills in a couple of very compelling blanks in the Alien universe while leaving the largest two questions raised in the film completely unanswered, opening the door wide open for further exploration in sequels.

Finally, the last 90 seconds or so were pure, ear-to-ear grin, edge-of-my-seat fantasticness. As a friend said on Facebook, it was Ridley Scott “reminding people why they took a chance on Prometheus.

New social media toys
I’ve been playing around with Storify this week, both for work and for play. It’s a pretty neat tool, although it seems like it’s got potential to be a lot better (it’s search functionality is basically useless — some Facebook posts can be found easily, some never show up regardless of how I’d search for them); it’s one of those things that I’ll get a better handle on how to use the more I use it, I think. Hopefully they continue to revise it and fix some of the things that don’t quite work the way they should. I could see this becoming something I use for work a few times a year to cover events or other activities.

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