What I’m Buying
This morning, a friend in Minneapolis helped me complete one of the great Internet bargains of all time, in my estimation. I was able to score an enormous lot of 250 double-ended Prismacolor art markers for only $100 from a seller on CraigsList. The lot included Prismacolor’s biggest set of 156 markers with storage racks, plus a big assortment of other markers from other sets. The retail price on the 156-color set is around $650 (although it can be had online for in the neighborhood of $325), so consider that I got that set and another almost 100 markers on top of that, and I got a massively great deal. I won’t be able to get them for a couple of weeks, but I’m really excited to start drawing with them. I’ve done some things with the Prismacolor markers I already have – 60-some colors – but have run into a few limitations where I didn’t have just the right color I wanted. Now, it’s game on.

As a nice bonus, I’m even going to be forced to reorganize my drawing table so make room for them. I won’t be able to decide for sure how to set everything up until I actually get the markers, but I’ve been thinking of a couple of preliminary ideas that I’m pretty interested to explore once I get the markers home. Plus, I’m going to get to make a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the colors of marker I have out and in reserve like I have done with my Prismacolor pencils. That’s going to be fun…

What I’m Drawing
Nothing, right now. I finished a project I was working on Thursday night that was a commission for a friend of mine; I’m not entirely happy with it, but I got it finished. It was the second piece I had started for this person; I started the first one a couple of weeks ago, but after about four hours of work Millie got ahold of it and destroyed it. I was pretty dismayed, because I thought it was going really well. There was a timing consideration with this request, so when I started the replacement I tackled a much smaller project. I got it finished and it’s OK, but it’s not remotely what the first one would’ve been. And I just made some dumb mistakes on it, too. I hope my friend likes it; it’s another one of those projects that, now that it’s out in the wild, I see pictures of it and I wish I had done some things differently.

The point of my postcard project is to get to a place where I don’t hate my own work. Right now, I’m the epitome of the “Ira Glass on Storytelling” tidbit about “your own taste is why your work is disappointing.” I’m seeing some improvement, particularly as I’ve started using some better materials (it really can make a difference), but I can point out exactly the place where I was in a drawing when I got careless with it. Being able to spot that as clearly as I can is driving me nuts.

If the person who gets Postcard #30 gets a significantly better piece of artwork than the person who got Postcard #3, then I’ve done this correctly. I’ve got to clean up some of the garbage for that to happen though.

For more on the Glass quote, start here: http://kottke.org/11/04/your-taste-is-why-your-own-work-disappoints-you

What I’m Playing
I’ve discovered through an accidental screen tap that loaded up GameCenter that I’m ranked in the top five percent of the around one million people who have played the three campaigns of the main game on the iOS game “Major Mayhem.” That’s kindof awesome.

I also played a bunch of Diablo III last night; I’m not entirely sure why. I got my stupid barbarian to level 30, but I’m still in the third act on normal difficulty. I can’t imagine there being any way whatsoever that I play that game enough to max out a character — particularly given the way the game is set up to force you to play through it multiple times on multiple difficulty levels in order to reach max level. It’s just not compelling at all, and the more I play it the more I absolutely despise the loot system.

Andy Bartlett

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