So I’ve been distracted

To say I’ve been distracted and a bit over-extended lately would be putting things mildly. Here’s a rundown of my activities over the last couple of months (since Christmas really).

Social Media Strategist Certification

I joked about this on Facebook last night; I’ve started working on an online training course to prepare to take the National Institute of Social Media‘s exam to become a certified social media strategist. The course just started on Monday so I don’t remotely have a good handle on it yet, but so far it’s incredibly basic and actually isn’t all that different from the grad school courses I’ve taken online for my degree program at Winona State. I’m hoping that things pick up considerably as the course progresses.

New comic day

Roy’s had a big pile of Marvel’s Essential Horror volume 2 today; they were running a cool deal where they were giving it away for free with the purchase of a trade collection out of this pile that they had assembled on the counter, or for five bucks on its own. So I paid the five bucks and picked it up along with this week’s small three-book haul. That’s going to be a fun addition to the reading list.

One of the things I picked up today was last week’s release of the first issue of IDW’s second reset of its G.I. Joe franchise; after the second “season” of books completely fell apart after the Cobra Command storyline wrapped up, I didn’t have much hope for it. But it was actually pretty good. I’m interested to see where new writer Fred Van Lente takes the series.


Work’s been crazy, to put it simply. We have so many things going on right now, and we seem to absorb more significant projects at an astonishingly rapid rate. But somehow we’ve managed to successfully juggle everything so far, and good work is getting done. The next two months until we get to commencement are going to be a sprint; the whole year has been a sprint really. Getting a breather this summer is going to be welcome.