Saturday update from the road

Saturday update from the road

note: I wrote this last night, but forgot to post it here before I went to bed. So, “today” = “yesterday.”

It’s the end of my first full day in Kansas, and I must say today was a good day. I miss this town.

Tom took me on a tour of the entire new west-side football press box at K-State today, and it’s so amazing, even in its dramatically unfinished state, that it brought tears to my eyes. It was only the second time I had been back in the stadium since I left here in 2001, and being able to stand in the press box and point to the field – Kevin Lockett’s catch against Colorado was there; Darnell McDonald’s touchdown catch against Nebraska was over there; Michael Bishop’s dive into the end zone against Missouri was over there; over and over again through all of my amazing memories of that place – was overwhelming. It still tears my heart out that I had to leave here. I can’t wait to be back here for the North Dakota State game in August; that’s going to be one incredible experience.

The best part of today was seeing eight of the nine kids in my family together; it would have been nice to have had Megan here, but getting her over here last night would have been very difficult on me just from a stamina perspective (and also that much rougher on the kids), and getting her here this morning would’ve destroyed the day via four hours in the car. That’s just how it goes I guess. Still, it was pretty great to finally meet my nephew, and Helen and Millie had an absolute blast with their cousins.

Millie spent a lot of time rolling a scooter around on my parents’ back patio repeating “YOLO, YOLO, YOLO.”

I watched Tomorrow When the War Began tonight with dad after the kids were in bed; it’s Australia’s version of Red Dawn, about a group of kids rising up to fight back against an invasion of their country (plot: China invaded Australia for its natural resources). It was actually a surprisingly OK movie, although the ending was atrocious. The movie basically ends with them deciding to become full-on revolutionaries and to officially organize to fight back against the invasion; it would be like Red Dawn ending as soon as they decided to become the Wolverines. There’s a sequel coming in 2014, according to Phoebe Tonkin’s IMDB page, so hopefully that means they’ll actually get to the full-on fighting. This movie came out in 2010, so there will be a four-year age difference in the cast by then, which will be noticeable; that’ll be strange, unless they just time-shift the movie and not have it start immediately after the events of this one.

Other minutia from today:

  • I got new tires for my car;
  • I found some fun things at Hastings for super-cheap, including this huge coffee table book of black and white portraits of characters from the Watchmen movie for five bucks and a four-dollar trade of a New Teen Titans storyline about Donna Troy. Awesomely, they also had Star Wars #4 and Hawkeye #10, rescuing me from their absence in my stacks of barely-read illustrated paper at home; and
  • I picked up the Lego Minotaur board game on clearance at Walmart for $10 when I bought my tires.

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