Ben Roethlisberger’s place in history

Coverage of yesterday’s Super Bowl XLIII was very interesting. From his “NFL Man of the Year” honor during the pre-game up through the coverage of the contest, it seemed as if everyone involved with NBC’s broadcast of the contest was ready to finally bestow football legend and savior of humanity status to Kurt Warner, if only he’d do what he was supposed to do and win a second Super Bowl ring with a second team.

Warner’s story is compelling; his wife used to be a Marine, he was stuck as a grocery bagger and toiled in Iowa in the Arena Football League, was cut by the Packers after getting only 16 plays to show his stuff, etc. You can actually read the whole tale at Warner’s Web site. His on-field performance has been impressive during his career; you can’t doubt that. This season, he threw for 4,500 yards and 30 TDs, and had three 1,000-yard receivers; in other words, he basically posted Playstation numbers.

But leading up to the Super Bowl, the media love-fest surrounding Warner became a bit much for me to take — particularly when the discussion turned to the fact that a second Super Bowl ring would cement Kurt Warner’s status as a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Again – Warner has been impressive, a fact neither I nor any other follower of the NFL can deny. A Hall of Famer? Based on two Super Bowl rings? And what else? He has five 3,000-yard seasons, including three seasons of 4,000 or more yards, has completed 65 percent of his passes for his career and sports a 182-114 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

He’s put up ridiculous numbers in his three Super Bowls, as well. In his three Super Bowl appearances Warner established the three highest single-game passing yardage totals in Super Bowl history. He has six touchdown passes against just three interceptions.

But quarterbacks are supposed to be defined by victories, and in those three Super Bowls he’s 1-2.

In the regular season, Warner has missed nearly as many games as he’s played. He’s played 16 game in a season only three times, and has seasons in which he’s played two (2003), six (2006) and seven games (2002).

Of the 23 quarterbacks currently in the NFL Hall of Fame, Warner’s 182 career touchdown passes would put him in the bottom third, as only seven of the current inductees have fewer than Warner. Of those seven, Troy Aikman won three Super Bowls, Roger Staubach won two, and Bart Starr won five NFL titles and two Super Bowls.

There are 12 players with 200 or more career touchdown passes who are not in the Hall of Fame, although two – Brett Favre and Peyton Manning – will be. The other 10 will not. I don’t see 275 touchdown passes getting Vinny Testaverde into the Hall of Fame, nor do I think Dave Kreig’s 261 are going to do the trick.

The only thing in Warner’s favor – all but one quarterback who has played in three or more Super Bowls is in the Hall of Fame. The only exception – Tom Brady, and he’s all but assured a Hall of Fame berth during his first year of eligibility.

So, if Warner doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame, and if his career truly is over and he retires as has been speculated I believe he does not, where does that leave Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger? After yesterday, he’s now the owner of two Super Bowl rings, and that second ring was supposed to be Warner’s Yellow Brick Road to Canton.

Is it time to keep an eye on Roethlisberger for the Hall of Fame? After all, he’s now only the second quarterback in NFL history – joining Brady – to win two Super Bowls before his 27th birthday. He’s now just the 10th quarterback, total, to wear two Super Bowl rings. Of the previous nine to accomplish this feat, only one – Oakland’s Jim Plunkett – is not also in the Hall of Fame.

Roethlisberger is also now 2-0 in the Super Bowl; it took John Elway five appearances to get his two wins, Roger Staubach four to get his pair of rings.

Big Ben has only been in the NFL for five seasons, and it would be difficult to argue that he has the statistical performance to warrant a Hall of Fame discussion… Save for those two rings.

In fact, there are only six quarterbacks other than Roethlisberger who have played in two Super Bowls and are not in the Hall of Fame – Brady (4), Warner (3), and a group of four players who played in the big game twice – Favre, Plunkett, Joe Theismann and Craig Morton. Brady will be inducted; Favre will be inducted. That leaves four.

Roethlisberger appears to be a player who will be in the NFL for a long time to come. Pittsburgh will be a contender in the AFC again, and should he get a third ring it will be difficult to make a case against him being anything short of a mortal lock for Hall of Fame induction, regardless of his regular-season statistics.

Should he have the longevity to get into the 200-touchdown club (he already has 101), it may be difficult to keep him out of the Hall of Fame even if he never reaches another Super Bowl.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Joe-Movie-Logo-600So, I’ve watched the trailer for “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” that debuted during the Super Bowl last night about a dozen times now; at first glance, I thought it looked terrible, but I’m slowly starting to warm up to it.

Sienna Miller’s Baroness looks great; easy character there, but she looks the most like the old cartoon and comic book versions of the character.

Trashing the Eiffel Tower is a perfect calling-card crime for Cobra – recall in the cartoons that Cobra had a weather dominator and used a huge laser to carve a picture of Cobra Commander onto the freakin’ moon. So, blowing up a major global landmark is right up Cobra’s alley.

I’m not at all sold on the power suits, which are used on the guys jumping through and over the bus and dodging the missles a few scenes later. It just seems a little over the top and silly; but I’m willing to admit that could just be the cynic in me wishing this was more of the original “modern military” G.I. Joe from its beginnings in the early 80s – when Snake Eyes was just “commando” and not a ninja-commando.

Speaking of Snake Eyes, I still can’t get excited about how he’s presented visually. The muscled latex suit just screams “Joel Silver Batman” to me; I’m just glad it doesn’t have nipples. And the fact that his mask has lips is stupid. I do dig the visor; I like how they pulled that off. But the rest of the suit just doesn’t do it for me.

Along the costume line, I’m also willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on Storm Shadow and see more before I pass judgment on him, but I was really hoping for a more traditional ninja look from him and not a masked Matrix character. We’ll see.

The scene in the Pit, where the Joe team is walking through the hangar with the VTOL planes, is *horribly* composted. The Joes all have long shadows going down and to the right of the screen, and none of the other people in the shot have shadows. Even in the second or two that shot is on screen in the trailer, it jumped out at me and was jarring. The more you look at the screencap, the worse it gets… It’s worse than the scene in Iron Man where he blows up the tank with the wrist rocket, and that was pretty shabby.

The fact that Destro (Craig Eccleston) and Gen. Abernathy (Dennis Quaid) get to share screen time is awesome, with Hawk clearly not knowing Destro is the enemy.

A lot was crammed into the 30-second trailer. I’m still not 100% sure this movie won’t suck; it’s one of those things where I’m really, really trying to keep my excitement about an actual live-action G.I. Joe movie in check so I don’t leave the theater horrendously disappointed. But at least after seeing the trailer I’m now open to the idea that it won’t be “Matrix Revolutions” bad, and honestly that’s a big step. 🙂

Suspiciously absent: Cobra Commander, and Destro in his helmet. It seems as if Destro, in his helmet, could possibly be the visible bad guy – the face of Cobra, so to speak – with Cobra Commander perhaps the faceless puppet master behind the scenes? It’d actually be pretty cool to run through this movie and have Cobra Commander intro’d right at the end as the brains of the operation the entire time, and have that lead into the inevitable sequel.

I guess we’ll find out in August.

Murderface relative on 1925 Drexel rifle team

1925 Drexel women's rifle team

I found this on them there Internets yesterday, and it’s *great* – the 1925 Drexel women’s rifle team. I immediately thought that woman second from the right looked like Murderface; I put this together so you can decide for yourself. Rifle teams are pretty metal, so it just might be…


This! This is what I want to do!

I have an office in our house at home. It’s small, does not have a window, and is on the top floor of our house so the ceiling is sloped on one side because of the roof. Space is limited, and right now that limited space is mostly taken up by a far-too-large desk for my computer, and a janky, dusty, horrid love seat that my wife bought at a garage sale for a nickle and some seashells many, many years ago. I’ve wanted to do something about that office for a long time; the room geometry makes picking new furniture difficult – so I’ve been giving a lot of consideration to trying my hand at building some custom things to go in there.

THIS! This is what I want! There’s no way it could be this big, but the concept of big, cooshy seating with lots of integrated, built-in storage is *exactly* what I want for that room. I’ve even envisioned a seating area built up against the sloped ceiling, which would then be able to use the empty space behind the seating area for storage – *much* like this.


The Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built |

Only the fattest country in the world could be entrusted with the brain power necessary to make something this fantastic. It’s the 25,000-calorie snack stadium, and I’m deeming it the greatest invention by humanity since fire or the Playstation.

This. Is. Genius.

The Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built |

Melissa’s Jeopardy! tryout

Melissa did the Internet tryout for Jeopardy! tonight; she had 50 questions to answer and 15 seconds to give each answer. The questions ran the gamut of traditional Jeopardy! stuff, from which celebrity admitted to being shacked up with Samantha Roson (Lindsay Lohan!) to the definition of an erg. Good stuff.

Apparently, the next step is a random selection of the people who took the Internet test tonight, regardless of whether they passed or failed. We’ll see what happens; it’d be awesome if she got a tryout.