Update: Building Bandai’s 1/72 TIE Interceptor

Done assembling Bandai’s 1/72 scale TIE Interceptor. I am incredibly impressed with this kit. It was a blast to assemble and it’s packed with detail. I will screw it up with panel details and maybe some paint later.
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Update: Building Bandai’s 1/72 TIE Interceptor

TIE Interceptor cockpit work tonight. Finished putting 11 decals in a space that is almost exactly one inch wide. Also did some base painting for the detail behind the pilot (and behind the windscreen which you can sort of see in the background). Very tedious precision work but totally worth it.
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Source material: RX-178 MkII

RX-178 MkII, originally uploaded by AndyBartlett.

I dug two of my remaining Bandai Master Grade Gundam models out of the basement tonight; this is my RX-178 MkII. I also pulled out the mecha and backpack for my Nu Gundam (but none of the weapons). Photos of the Nu and another picture of the MkII are up on Flickr; you can check them out in the sidebar or by directly visiting my toy collection gallery on Flickr.

I’m going to try and draw a bunch of pictures of these over the next few days and use their structure as a base for the Transformers pictures I’m also working on. Even though these models don’t have a tremendous amount of detail, working out some of the basic mechanical features and proportions will be hugely beneficial to my Transformers efforts. The Mark II in particular will be a great model to work from, as it’s bulkier than the more-athletic Nu Gundam.

The only bad part about all of this – I now desperately want my Perfect Grade Mark II back…