Kansas State 44, Texas A&M 30

I wonder what “President Wefald” from the video below at aggiereport.com will have to say now that Kansas State has beaten Texas A&M in College Station by a score of 44-30… Looks like those Murderball classes paid off for the Wildcats, after all.

In all, a nice win which keeps K-State’s middling hopes of a decent bowl game afloat for another week. But its secondary coughed up another 419 yard passing this afternoon – that’s almost 1,000 yards passing given up by the Wildcats in the last two weeks alone, and they still have to play Kansas and Missouri. Ouch.

Bringing this site back from the dead


This site has been ignored for far too long; I keep having things I want to post here, and I end up not posting them because I never post here – so I’m stuck in this self-fulfilling cycle of not posting. I’ll try once again to break that cycle – but I almost unconditionally guarantee failure. But this’ll be fun until I decide to let it slide again.

You’ll notice first of all that this site is officially andybartlett.com again; the .net address still works, as I own both domains, but the primary home will be dot com. Yay.