Timing the posting of Executive Orders…

whitehouse.gov, on Jan. 21

President Obama issued several executive orders earlier today laying out new ethics guidelines for the members of his administration (you can read CNN.com’s pathetic coverage of the announcement – all two sentences of it; MSNBC has slightly better story). I heard the President announcing the orders on Minnesota Public Radio as I was driving home for lunch at around 12:30 p.m.; three and a half hours later, the text of the executive orders has yet to be posted to the appropriate section of whitehouse.gov.

I’m curious to see what the lag time will be between announcement and posts to the White House site. As immediate as the transition was from whitehouse.gov v.Bush to v.Obama on Tuesday, and as on top of the Web as Obama’s team has been since the start of the campaign, I expected the delay to be shorter. I’ll be watching tonight to see what time those documents hit the White House site.

EDIT 7:14 p.m. Central – they’re posted.
Presidential Records
Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel

Andy Bartlett

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2 Responses

  1. Interested in Regina says:


    What’s an executive order?

    Interested in Regina

  2. Andy Bartlett says:

    Dear Interested in Regina;

    They’re legally-binding orders issued by the President to a federal agency.

    I’m sure you have something similar up there in Canada. Check with Terrence and Phillip.

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