Art night

I was planning for tonight to be another computer programming night at home; read some stuff, write some code, try to get some more things working. But I need to take a day off from that after spending hours yesterday trying to solve a compiler linking issue that should be trivial. My brain still hurts. My first contribution to the programming community is likely going to be a visual guide to solving this issue, since my browsing of a variety of forums yesterday showed a large pile of beginning programmers having exactly the same problem, but no good solutions.

And, today has been a typical Monday filled with Super-Fun Meetings (TM), and I am just not in the mood for anything requiring concentration. Maybe I’ll feel differently later.

So, art night. More reading Hogarth’s book, I think, and maybe kicking out 2-4 pages of sketched stuff depending on what I get into with the book.

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