Solid few days for movies

It’s been a pretty good four day run or so for movie watching at Casa del Bartlett.

Saturday, I finally got a chance to hit the theater to catch “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and I absolutely loved it. Visuals, music, everything; it was a wonderful movie. I’d definitely go see it in the theaters again, and it’s a Day One buy on BluRay, for sure. Pay no heed to those reviewers who say “nobody over 30 will get it” or “nobody under 20 will get it,” for they are morons. I’m 38 and I can tell you without hesitation I thought it was fantastic, and Daughter the First is 12 and has already gone twice.

We’ve gone through some pretty good movies on DVD at home, too – even though we suffered through the absolutely horrid horror movie “Shallow Ground” on Sunday night, which didn’t make a shred of sense and had one of the stupidest endings you can possibly imagine for a low-budget bad horror movie, which is saying something.

Beyond that, we finally saw “Jennifer’s Body,” and neither Mel nor I can understand the hate for that movie; we both really liked it. It’s exactly what it was advertised to be – a schlocky, cheesy horror movie. But it was a schlocky, cheesy horror movie that was well-shot, well-acted and had some fun dialogue. I’m not sure what people were expecting out of this; we got exactly what we paid for, and we loved it.

Last night, we watched “Whip It,” Drew Barrymore’s roller derby movie with Ellen Paige, and we both really liked it too even though we couldn’t really put our fingers on exactly why we liked it. It was just a different twist on the “find your place in the world” story you see in movies relatively frequently, and in the words of one of the sidebar characters from the film, “Why do you think I wouldn’t enjoy hot chicks in fishnets beating the crap out of each other?” Fun movie, great soundtrack, fun to look at. Definitely worth a rental.

We also saw Justin Timberlake’s “Alpha Dog,” and there really isn’t much to say about that movie; it just wasn’t very good. The pacing was screwed up, it wasn’t edited well, the key conflict in the plot was left completely unresolved, and it waffled back and forth in style between narrative and fake documentary to the point that neither aspect really worked, and they gave away the ending to the movie halfway through. It was bizarre; definite missed potential here, because this could’ve been a much better movie in the hands of more skilled filmmakers.

That taps out our movie supply for now. I think we’re going to watch “Susperia” on Netflix tonight, which I’m excited about. I’ve seen this classic horror movie a few times, but not for several years. Can’t wait to watch it again…

Andy Bartlett

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