This Week in Twitter for Sunday, Aug. 15

Today seems as good a time as any to launch a new feature on This Week in Twitter. I’ve began to rather enjoy myself on Twitter, and I’ve been following a lot of very inspirational people (mostly artists; they make me want to be better). Occasionally I have some fun with it, and as Twitter is great for stream-of-conciousness type activities it’s not easy to go back and find something once the moment has passed. So I’d like to start an every-Friday recap of the most entertaining things that happened on Twitter in the previous week. This should be really fun.

Ryan Stegman (@ryanstegman)
“Babies are SO STUPID when it comes to tech. 1.5-yr-old niece is using a flip cam like a phone! Only cure is ridicule. That’ll learn her.”
Ryan Stegman is an artist for Marvel Comics.

Gail Simone (@GailSimone)
“I just want you all to know, if you could see my new Batman Converse shoes, you would pull your own heads off in jealousy.”
Gail Simone is a comic book writer, and she often slips completely random stuff like this in, most of the time with no apparent context or followup whatsoever. She’s great.

Tommy Patterson (@TommyFPatterson)
“Time to go home to my real job. Drawing. This fake day job can lick my balls.”
Tommy’s an incredibly talented artist who, for some reason, follows me. No idea how that happened. He’s hilarious, and he drops something like this just about every week that makes me laugh.

Gail Simone (@GailSimone)
“If I were a carpenter, and  you were a lady, I’d make you a nice spice rack at 10% over cost.”
More trademark randomness from Gail.

M.C. Chris (@_mcchris)
“i said i wanted a #jurassicpark jeep. dude was like, dude, i’ll pick u up and we can go hunt velociraptors right N
MC Chris is a fantastic musician and legendary geek; following him is constant entertainment and, occasionally, great free music.

Pee Wee Herman (@peeweeherman)
“My time at Sturgis has ended – time for me to ride into the sunset!
More Sturgis greatness from Pee Wee.

Chris Sims (@theisb)
“My ultimate work of Archie Scholarship: A review of LIFE WITH ARCHIE: THE MARRIED LIFE #1:
Chris is the self-proclaimed Internet’s Leading Batman Expert, and he wrote this absolutely fascinating review of an Archie comic. I haven’t read an Archie comic in decades, but this was still a really fun read.

Pee Wee Herman (@peeweeherman)
“Partied with Lorenzo Lamas last night at Sturgis. No big deal.
This may well be the greatest photo in the history of Twitter. Or maybe the world.

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