This Week on Twitter for Sunday, Aug. 22

I have come to rather enjoy myself on Twitter; this is a brief look at the best stuff I saw there this week from the folks I follow.

Rick Remender
“I don’t say it enough, but you’re all terrible monsters. Nature made many sad mistakes in each of you. Down with nature!”
Rick Remender is a writer; I haven’t been following him long, a week or two maybe, but he’s very entertaining.

Scottie Young (@skottieyoung)
“My taste in art is like cooking. Many people do it well but the ones that take risks and add big bold flavor keep me coming back for more.”
Skottie Young is a comic book artist.

Nathan Cosby (@NateCosboom)
“33rd year anniversary of the Government feeding us the lie that Elvis is “dead.” Give it up, Government! I had lunch with him last week.”
Nathan is an editor at Marvel Comics.

Laura Samnee (@LauraSamnee)
“Is there some sort of minimum amount of cologne rule for car salesmen?  It smells like a middle school dance in here.”
Laura is the wife of comic book artist Chris Samnee; Chris is currently drawing the hell out of Thor: The Mighty Avenger.

Gail Simone (@GailSimone)
Gail is a writer; she and I had a brief exchange on Wednesday about this Dr. Laura situation regarding a certain very bad word. It went like this:
Gail: “I love all the apologists for Dr. Laura, trying to say, “She has a point.” Let me help. No, she doesn’t.”
Me: “Of course she does; the double-standard surrounding that particular word is absurd. If it’s bad, it’s bad. If it’s OK, it’s OK.”
Me: “It can’t be simultaneously egregious and a badge of honor.”
Gail: “Did you read the entire transcript, including what she said before and after?”
Gail: “It can’t? OF COURSE IT CAN. That’s the myth of the value neutral viewpoint, that one opinion, the viewer’s, is the baseline.”
Me: “No; she may full-well be a nutjob. Not the point, really; double standard surrounding that word is an issue regardless.”
Gail: “Read the transcript. Be informed.”
Me: “Fair enough; I will do this. Will report back if my opinion changes. :)”
Me, later: “Read transcript; thought about this more; came up with a morally-equivalent situation…”
“…that for some reason never occurred to me previously. I can now see the argument for “OK for us, bad for you” even though…”
“…I think the world would still be a better place if that word would just disappear altogether.”

I really enjoyed this; she made me think, and I came up with answers to a situation that I hadn’t come up with on my own previous to this. And, hey, I had a conversation with Gail Simone. 🙂 So, thanks, Gail.

Brandon Jerwa (@jerwa)
“There’s an otherwise-tiny young woman here wearing a gray top over her EXTREMELY pregnant belly. She looks like the Death Star.”
Brandon Jerwa is a writer, and we share a common hometown.

Tommy Patterson (@TommyFPatterson)
“If I were a whore that could cast spells I’d use Ho-cus Poke-us exclusively.”
Tommy Patterson is an artist. This is one of the frequent laugh-out-loud moments I get as a result of following him.

Tim Fitzgerald (@LifeofFitz)
“@WhitlockJason Just to be clear, when I get liquored up and kiss my male employees on the neck IT IS in the sexual way. Giddy up.”
Tim Fitzgerald is the editor of Powercat Illustrated, a fan magazine covering Kansas State University sports. I worked with him during my days in the K-State athletic department.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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