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Tom Feister’s tweet, originally uploaded by AndyBartlett.

Tom Feister is a comic book artist. Right now, he’s providing one of the two variant covers for each issue of IDW’s “G.I. Joe: Origins” series, and the work he’s done has been very good.

For the last couple of months, I’ve had an opportunity to provide several reviews of various G.I. Joe comics for a website called The Terrordrome; it’s a news and discussion site for everything related to G.I. Joe. One of the books I reviewed was issue #17 of “Origins”; here’s the portion of my review discussing the covers:

Cover A, and its associated logo-free retailer-incentive variant, is absolutely amazing. The photomosaic not only looks fantastic, it’s the perfect encapsulation of the Zartan character in a single image. For the first time, I will be highly disappointed if I’m unable to obtain a particular cover variant. This is amazing work.

[Alex] Cal’s Cover B provides a good throwback to Issue #16 and is solid, and would look stronger beside some other possible Cover A. It’s hard for me to give it much attention compared to the other cover; it’s simply not even in the same ballpark.

You can see Cover A at The Terrordrome here. It’s a photomosaic of the character Zartan; he’s the “master of disguise” for the bad guys, so using this illustration of many different people to make up an image of Zartan just seemed to be an absolutely perfect representation of the character.

A few days ago, Feister posted that message up there to me on Twitter thanking me for the review. Seeing that pretty much made my day. It makes me look forward to seeing more of his work, and hopefully also having an opportunity to talk about it at The Terrordrome.

You can read my complete review of G.I. Joe: Origins #17 at The Terrordrome.

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