Well, I’ve been blowing this thing off for awhile… Sheesh.

Today has been a great day. I had lunch with Mike Morgan, a professor in the English department here at BSU; we’ve been following each other on Twitter for the better part of a year and have traded numerous messages back and forth there, but today was my first chance to meet up with him in person. Really had fun meeting and talking with him.

Just beforehand, I managed to stop by the house in perfect time to intercept the mailman and get my new Hause of Howe blazer that I won on eBay last weekend; I got such a great deal on it that I basically stole it, and now my Howe collection is up to three pieces. Clothing has always been just something that I wore; I’m getting to the point that I want it to be something I love, and I absolutely love the Howe stuff I have. Now I just need some better shoes and a couple of new belts… Gogo Gilt!

Helen had her third piano recital tonight; Mel bought new dresses for  her and for Millie last night, and they both looked fantastic. Helen rocked her recital; she really is doing a great job with the piano. Super proud of her. Millie was amazingly cute and fun, and afterward we had overpriced, average food at Country Kitchen because that’s where Helen wanted to eat. Good night had by all.

Today’s Twitter links:
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