Events of the Day for Thursday, May 26

We had an office lunch today as a going-away party  for Ross LaDue, the senior of our two graduate assistants in Athletic Media Relations. Ross has been our women’s hockey contact here for two years, and is leaving us to go take over as media relations director for women’s hockey at Wisconsin – yeah, the same Wisconsin that’s the defending national champion and hasn’t lost a game since November of 2010. We’ve been fortunate to have some exceptional guys come through the sports info office here; I started here about this time in 2001, and had a goal to build one of the best media relations operations in the country at our level. I like to think I succeeded; the success the office has had in placing people who have wanted to continue in the sports information profession into very good jobs, both under me and under the office’s current director, shows that a lot of people around the country think we’re doing something right, too. I couldn’t be prouder of Ross for the opportunity he’s earned for himself, or more proud of the guys running our office now who put him in position to succeed.

Oh, and in today’s installment of “The Internet is Awesome,” Mark Hamill is on Twitter now.

Posted on Twitter:

** Goshen College upsets students by playing… the national anthem. There really are people who will hate anything.
** Our esteemed federal government considered banning all air travel in and out of Texas as punishment for Texas attempting to stand up to the TSA.
** There was another article I read today about a SWAT team in Arizona who executed a no-knock warrant looking for pot and ended up putting 70 bullets into a former U.S. Marine while his 4-year-old daughter was asleep in another room. I didn’t link it because it disgusted me so much, and I haven’t bothered to try and track it down. It was horrible, and the cops will probably get away scott free because it’ll be determined that they “followed procedures” or something like that.
** Oh, by the way, there’s a “secret” Patriot Act. Of course there is.

Roy’s Comics and Games here in town didn’t get new stuff yesterday like they were supposed to; UPS hadn’t visited them by the time I stopped by over lunch today, either. Bummer. I’ve been looking forward to reading Godzilla #3; I’ll swing by tomorrow. This week’s pull list:
** Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #6
** Cobra Civil War: Cobra #1
** FF #4
** Fear Itself #3
** Super Dinosaur #2
** Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3

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