Hangover 2

Melissa and I went out yesterday for our first dinner-and-a-movie date in a long time. We went to see “The Hangover, Part 2,” which we’d been looking forward to for a long time since we so thoroughly love the first one. The first one was one of those movies we went into with basically no expectations – a “this looked OK from the commercials, and there’s nothing else playing that we really want to see so we’ll go see it” situation that ended up being a movie we bought on BluRay the day it came out and have watched multiple times. We just love it.

The second one didn’t remotely have that kind of appeal. It was a funny movie, but the bits of funny were spread out across a movie that overall wasn’t nearly as good as the first one. In many ways, it was basically the same movie in a different location, following the same formula of pitfalls happening to the same characters that similar things happened to in the first one. The cameos were the same (including the guy who ran the wedding chapel in the first movie, playing a completely different guy who was still basically the exact same character), a lot of the jokes were the same, several of the same lines were repeated by the same characters, etc.

It was worth seeing, for sure, but didn’t remotely have that “we’re going to watch this movie forever” feeling that the first one did.

Andy Bartlett

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