Off week

This has been the second consecutive week without a new G.I. Joe comic to review; I need something to write about. I have a topic in mind, and might work on it at home tonight.

Not much else to report; work’s keeping me pretty busy this week with fall startup activities. We had our office’s fall startup presentation yesterday afternoon, where we talked to the people in attendance about what we do and how to access our office’s expertise on a variety of subjects. I talked about social media, our hometown news program and our licensing and royalties program; it went pretty well, I think. I get a sense that the campus is finally starting to take a more serious interest in social media on a broader scale, and I hope I can take some of the things I’ve learned while running our Facebook and Twitter accounts and help other departments on campus find their respective voices online.

Andy Bartlett

By day, I am the executive director of communications and marketing at Bemidji State University. The rest of the time, I'm a husband, father of three, and proponent of super heroes, lasers, space ships and explosions.

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