Playing catchup

Ugh, eight days without an update. Things have been very busy.

Grad school classes have kept me tied up at night. Online education is very frustrating to me, the way it’s set up at Winona. It basically boils down to “read over 100 pages of stuff out of the book, then post a bunch of stuff on the forums.” It’s a challenge for me to keep up with it; I’ve been successful, but it’s been tough to get into the mindset of “being in school” each night when I sit down to do some work. I also don’t like how these “online” courses are completely segregated from the rest of my online existence. The forums for the class are locked up in a system called Desire2Learn; there aren’t options to set up notifications through other outlets I follow such as Twitter to let me know when there are new things there – I have to log in and check to see if there’s something new. I’m even using a completely new email account; I could probably change that with some effort, and get email sent to me at or gmail or something along those lines, but that would just be for my classes – anything school or enrollment or advising related would still go to my separate .edu account, so it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

It’s “online learning,” but completely in a special little silo. It’s lonely in there.

I’m interested in picking up several of the first big wave of DC’s “New 52” comics that come out today; I definitely plan on picking up at least Action Comics, Batgirl and Detective Comics, and there are about three more that are on my radar, depending on what is available at the shop. There’s always the digital parachute, with the ability to pick up anything that isn’t on the racks when I stop by at lunch on my iPad as well.

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