Comic Review: Cobra Civil War: G.I. Joe #8

Cobra Civil War: G.I. Joe #8
IDW Publishing
Street Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Cover price: $3.99

Written by: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Wil Rosado
Inks: (none credited)
Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Letters: Shawn Lee

Cover A: Tom Feister
Cover B: Tom Haynes (photo cover)
Cover RI: Tom Feister

G.I. Joe: Flint, Beachhead, Tripwire, Scarlett
Cobra: Baroness, Major Bludd

The Joes dig their way out of the rubble of Springfield, left behind after their deadly encounter with the BAT, lick their wounds and plan how they intend to explain what went so terribly wrong in their loss of the Tuna, and a daring raid frees Baroness from captivity.

All of this leads into the conclusion of the Cobra Civil War, as the High Council names Cobra’s new commander.

It’s difficult to adequately explain the conclusion of the contest, particularly in context with the rest of the crossover event that came before it. Zartan’s status as a stand-in for Oda Satori comes into play in a significant fashion, and the Council initially installs one candidate as Commander before reversing its decision when it became clear what the ultimate winner’s ploy had been all along.

The conclusion to the contest is interesting, even though there was never an indication that the contest was heading in this direction. There’s no real way to examine how the contest wrapped up and maintain a spoiler-free review (which is a concern even though USA Today revealed the identity of the new Commander in an online story on Tuesday). Calling the entire Civil War storyline a red herring isn’t entirely accurate, because there never was a clear leader; but, ultimately, very little that we actually saw unfold over the last eight months of this event had much to do with how the contest ultimately ended. The ending to the contest would have been significantly better if we’d have had a chance to actually experience this plot instead of having it tidily wrapped up in a neat little bow in the span of exactly five and a half pages. Reading this issue felt like sitting through a bad detective movie, where the villain spends the last five minutes going through a “you want to know how I did this evil thing you’ve just found out I did? Well, let me explain it…” monologue.

If you haven’t followed one single issue of the Cobra Civil War, you can pick up G.I. Joe #8 and not be significantly disadvantaged by having missed the previous 22 issues of the event. There’s something not right about that.

In the epilogue, a character we’ve hardly seen during the civil war storyline reappears. Destro has reconstructed a teleporter and is working with Cobra scientists at the Section X installation in order to solve his molecular breakdown and free himself from the armor keeping him alive. You can probably guess how this goes for him.

G.I. Joe continues in January when the Cobra Command story arc begins.

Wil Rosado continues his fill-in duties, penciling his third issue in replacement of series regular Javier Saltares. His art’s consistent with the work he did on the sixth and seventh issues of the series. He continues to draw Baroness very well, Scarlett looks great in the few panels she appears in, but otherwise the figures feel stiff and motionless. The vehicle caravan ambush by Krake’s forces was well-done, though, and his Zartan transformations are arguably shown as well as they have been in any of his appearances in IDW’s universe. Overall, he did a nice job on his three-issue assignment.

There’s a minor continuity error; Baroness is drawn with a broken left lense in her glasses on page four, but on page 10 both lenses are intact.

The creative team is the same as been for the last three issues. Romulo Fajardo, Jr., handled colors and Shawn Lee lettered the issue.

No reviews for the covers to this issue. I only had access to the photo cover, Cover B. The photo covers seem like a better fit for the retailer incentive, continuing the trend of significantly differential covers for that version that has been apparent over this entire series. As a “B” cover to the final installment of a 23-issue crossover event, it’s a strange choice.

The contest is over; Cobra has named a new Commander.

There is no preview available for G.I. Joe #8.

Andy Bartlett

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2 Responses

  1. Chris V says:

    I was left nonplussed by this issue – found myself thinking, oddly enough, of the musical ep of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when, in the middle of a song, Willow’s verse is, “I think this line is mostly filler…”

    I think this issue was mostly filler… One important plot point, that Inevitable Villain monologue you mentioned (heh – that was exactly what I’d been thinking!), and… Not much. Ah well. Who do you think is the second candidate who died?

    I’m thinking of Chimera from Origins, right about now. You think maybe he’s got some … connection … to the new CC? If you get my drift?

  2. The second dead candidate was Oda Satori; which really is confusing, since according to Krake’s timeline Satori was dead and replaced with Zartan before the contest even started.

    This whole civil war thing was a total letdown to me. I hope Cobra Command is better.

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